This is our 8 month trip across the country on longboards. in an attempt to raise green awareness and to raise money for multiple sclerosis, we will board 5000+ miles on our longboards. we start in march 2010, so i hope you'll be here to read about our adventures

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Through Texas, on to Colorado

So there's alot to tell here so it's gonna be a long one. Upon reaching Texas we went to a town called Tenaha, where we got a hotel because we needed beds and showers real bad. The rooms at the motel had bed bugs so we ends up using our sleeping bags on top of the beds lol. After leaving the town of tenaha behind we trekked across dirt roads and eventually tar roads (not tar and gravel, just tar) where we would slow down immediatly after each push. Our gps pointed us to a park called martins creek lake state park but gave us a route we would regret. The road it told us to take was blocked off so we had to go down a paralell dirt road that led us into a field with a few hundred feet of thorns and dense forrest (not to mention barbed wire) before we reached the dam. We walked a mile or two on top of the dam before climbing over more barbed wire. Right around the corner though was the park, and they had one campsite left. For 8 bucks a night we were ecstatic and spent an extra day, trying to forget we were in Texas. The only downsides to this park were A) no power except in the bathroom B) too far from town to get supplies, and C) there was a giant coal power plant right across the lake. The rangers there were pretty cool. They were some of the few cool people we met in tx. We then headed northwest for a few days of boring camping (not the fun kind) and dealt with having objects thrown from windows, people hollering insults at us, and drunks swerving into the shoulder. After a few unmentionable days we made it to Greenville Texas. At this point josh's backpack was torn up pretty badly, so my mom sent a backpack to Dallas where it was picked up by someone she went to school with, the kickest ass texan ever as fat as I'm concerned, Libby. She drove the pack out to us at a hotel in Greenville and we then went out for breakfast where we got to sit and talk for a while. Despite some cruddy happenings, she's totally cool and in great spirits. I feel privelidged to have met her, though breifly. The hotel we stayed at was kinda odd though. Apparently there's lots of hookers in Texas because we were in different towns and still saw hookers everywhere. Realizing that the daily temperatures were in the mid to upper 90's and the night time temps weren't much cooler, we started to realize we were in a dangerous position. With towns becoming more sparsely placed, shade disappearing, and locals becoming more hostile, we decided to get out of the heat, and more importantly out of Texas. Upon reaching Denton Texas we boarded a greyhound bus to Dallas which connected to one that took us clear out of the heat to pueblo Colorado. Not that it's much less desolate here in Colorado, but it's cooler, more beautiful, and the people are incredible. We stayed our first night at the KOA campground north of pueblo which was overlooking the Rockies, and even cooler, pikes peak! After resting up for a night we hit the road again finding a dirt road (we didn't know it was dirt til we got there) which led us into back country for about 15 miles before getting a short lift to the next paved road. Once on Tarmac again we bombed down a medium hill and carried on towards Fountain Colorado which is a beautiful town. As we were headed in we were stopped by a fella on a tractor, Christian, who sat us down and gave me a beer and asked about the trip. Check this out: it was memorial day and we had been dreaming about cookouts, and sure enough Christian invited us to BBQ and stay at his house. He also called up (with great effort, it's hard to reach anyone on a holiday) the local paper. That brings us up to today. We woke up comfortably and Christian helped us plan out a route to Utah, and we then met with Janet, the reporter, who interviewed us and all of us then shared our distaste for Texas lol. After the interview we said our goodbyes and headed up through fountain to Cokes Diner for Rite burgers with green chili (the best thing ever). The rest of the afternoon was solid pushing all the way to Old Colorado City where we are camping out for the night. Anyway that's the latest and greatest, y'all take care!


  1. The article in the Blue Ridge Outdoors this month (June)

  2. Hey guys. Will from Canvas Skate Shop in NC. Glad you guys are moving forward and being positive. Stay on and keep it up, the most noble of men are those who act without asking. Good on ya!

    Will Jackson